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Dear all

The following will also be posted on Troops to Task, but I thought I'd generate some interest, if possible, in here to see whether we are pitching to the right crowd. Feedback most welcome.

I work for an independent forensic science and engineering consultancy, with main offices in the Northeast and Cambridgeshire. We are instructed by the police, government agencies and by both prosecution and defence lawyers. Whilst we deal with nearly all facets of traditional forensic investigations we are currently looking to expand our communications investigation team.

With the increased use of evidence being obtained from mobile phones etc, we have identified a need to explore the limitations and uses of this technology so that we might create a picture of the movements of an individual(s) relevant to the case in hand. This field of expertise is known as Cell-Site Analysis, although the team are also involved in the interrogation of hand held devices with the prospect of obtaining useful information from them.

We, as a company, have the potential to become even more nationally significant in the presentation and development of this type of evidence, than we already are. We are looking to invest further in our own technology and personnel in order to achieve our aim of expansion.

The person(s) we are looking to be a part of this team and help us develop this field should have the following attributes:

1.) No criminal record.
2.) Extensive experience in communications at all levels, including analogue and digital systems.
3.) Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of mobile phone and satellite technology.
4.) Be prepared to give evidence in a Court of law confidently and professionally (training will be provided).
5.) Have excellent written and oral presentation skills.
6.) Have the ability to compile reports in both technical and layman’s language.
7.) Be prepared to travel around the UK (including Eire and Northern Ireland).
8.) Be able to work within strict budget and time constraints.
9.) Be technically competent and have a flare for using basic knowledge and understanding to complete own research and learning exercises.

This opportunity would be ideal for someone coming to the end of their time in HM Forces in particular the Royal Signals, or RAF Communications Branch. If you are interested then PM me and I’ll pass on more detail about the posts.

Final details of the post(s) including salary packages etc, will be released shortly once we have confirmed that we are advertising in the right sector and have had some responses.

All the best

Beaker, did you not see point number 9 - Required to be technically competent :)
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