Job opportunity for a tree surgeon in Bristol

Hi Guys,
I have a small tree surgery company based in Bristol, I started the company 5 years ago after serving in the Royal Engineers. my long term aim is to expand the company and predominantly employ ex-service personnel, and this is my first step towards achieving it.
I will begin by saying this: The trade is a extremely physically demanding and potentially dangerous one (probably like the one you are or have currently been doing) It involves working long hard days in the wet and cold, getting very dirty and going home shattered most nights and to top it off the money is not great!
That's the cons.
The pros are:
.................well you get to cut trees down with chainsaws!! :)
Honestly tho guys it's a fun job, yes the money is crap but there is a progression route and if you're a quick learner you can climb the ladder pretty fast.(excuse the pun)

Anyways if your ex military or about to be, young fit and healthy and if all the above sounds like fun to you and not hard work! Then give me a call or visit our web site for more info.

0117 2440070
Tree Arborist and Tree Surgeon Bristol 0117 2440070: Commercial and Residential Tree Surgery, Stump Removal,Tree Removal,Hedge Trimming in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas
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