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I have several jobs available and suitable for ex-forces types. I have some instructors roles which require people with some serious instruction time, Iraq MiTTS a definite plus. Simply put, if you haven't been a NCO or an instructor with experience in a recent theatre you won't be considered. If you have maritime/naval experience that would be a plus. The roles are also open to females.

I also have roles for Signals and REME tech types, this requires more hands on experience of installing and maintaining systems (Non-IT Engineering is the best way to describe it) also some people with instructor experience in these fields are required.

I also have roles for junior document controllers, and one senior document controller (I don't know what trade deals in Construction Document Control but I stand, and am sure I will be educated in such matters) as well as admin assitants roles.

Due to time constraints it will work better for you if you have recently left, just left or are about to leave in the next two to three months, or simply become available before the end of April from what ever current role you employ.

If you PM me with a contact address and which role you are interested in I'll get back to you and we can take it from there. The roles are located in the Emirates and single status, the wages could be sniffed at, but are tax free and accommodation and flights are provided. The full work cycle pattern and benefits etc will be expanded upon once I have established contact.

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