JOB OPPORTUNITIES, Dubai and Afghanistan. Rapid Start. Suit a range of Qualifications

I've got a contact that has the following job opportunities in Dubai and Afghanistan (base ops only, no private security). Pay dependent on position but wages start at ~$7k per month. Skills are important, but most important of all is the ability to get things done!

(Don't PM me, this is all I know.)

Please send CVs to with your availability and post applied for. Please put CV in the subject line. Thanks!

Dubai: Office Manager, Human Resource Manager, Lead Planner, Business Ops Manager, Business Development Consultant, Finance Manager.

Afghanistan: General Manager, Finance Assistant (SRR/AR-AP), Site Manager, Office/HR Manager, Finance Manager, Ops Manager, Technician (vehicle/heavy plant mechanic), Parts Specialist, Facilities Manager, Customer Service Manager, Logistics Manager, IT/Comms Specialist.

Damn these pesky kids!!

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