Job opportunities at Corus Steel for service leavers

Discussion in 'REME' started by potcivvie, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Let me introduce myself, I recently left the REME after 22 years service and managed to land myhself a job with Corus steel in Scunthorpe. Corus have realised that service leavers have qualities that are hard to find in civvy street. Today Corus held a service leavers day in Scunthorpe, I went along to se who had turned up and was surprised to learn that most of the guys and girls there were RAF. Corus are looking to employ those with a mechanical or electrical background, not just the 22 year guys but anyone getting out. They are recruiting in Teeside, Rotherham, Scunthorpe and South Wales. They are a great firm to work for with one of the few final salary pensions, medical and very healthy salaries. If anyone is interested then send me your CV and I will forward it to the chief recruitment guy. I am not getting a referral for this, I just want to help any REME guys getting out secure a seriously good job. My email is

    Good luck

  2. I can second this my wife works for corus in corby and they really look after her, all sorts of benefits and a big red rucksack full of emergency things if she ever breaks down, blackberry phone and laptop for use if she ever works at home.

    Benefits for all sorts of things, trips over to holland every month too.

    once i leave the navy they will be the first employer i goto.
  3. do you also know there is a reme ta unit 2 mins from the works
  4. Yes I do but none of them were there, maybe they didnt know I will find out. The point still remains that Corus are a seriously good firm to work for and as I said I will help anyone I can.
  5. Any jobs going at the Shotton works??
  6. Apart from all the jobs Corus are getting rid of from Trostre in Llanelli. no point in me applying then
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I dont mean to be a naysayer but Steel industry in this sceptic isle has been in freefall since before Maggie. I wouldnt take a job in steel and start a new career on that basis alone. If you live local to a plant or will do when you leave then go for it, its probably no worse than any other job but if I had a choice I'd pick something less likely to go tits up.
  8. Ugly, Its quite obvious that you know nothing about the steel industry. Corus is part of the TATA group who are the 5th largest producer in the world. Corus/TATA own Daewoo cars, Jaguar oh and Tetley tea as well as many other large industries and brands. Last year Corus in the UK made a net profit of 200m pounds and are investing heavily at most of their major sites. I put up this post to try and help service people get a decent job when they leave the forces so I dont need a F***WIT like you spouting off about things which you know little about. To any-one reading this post and considering joining the steel industry, do it the money is good and the conditions are great AND it is a thriving industry. Ugly dont bother posting some purile reply as I wont be answering it.
  9. Pot Civi,

    Good on you for looking after your own.
  10. I used to go to the TA centre next to corus in rotherham :D huge place it is, my cousin worked there, but got made redundant, he told me he loved it there though.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Before you slag me off on a public forum I have worked in nationalised and privatised versions of industry since leaving the mob, I was and if you re read my post asking if it was worthwhile singing the praises of an industry that dumps bodies when a slump hits quicker than pan bashers pulling the plug on dixies.
    Read the following post:
    Now I have worked with different arms of Corus both in steel and rail, I have seen those bits wax and wane and people leave quicker than they can be recruited. TATA isnt interested in UK employees, its interested like every other multinational in what it can make out of the asset before the market dips again and it shuts you down or flogs you off although after the Indians the only buyers left will be Zimbabweans!
    Now I didnt want to do that, I wanted to post a cautionary note about over eagerness to enter a cut throat business where you are the neck and the bosses in either a venture capital firm or India are Sweeney Todd incarnate.
    if you want to slag me off pm me and I'll reply with my personal home phone number and a list very long of ex Steel indsutry employees from this country that have been shafted well and trully since MaGregor was Appointed. Alternatively you could just say,"Ok Ugly, I hear what you are saying but there is work here at the moment and despite the chinese buying all the raw materials and us making do at the moment there is a niche market where we can get through!"
    Or you could feck me off!
    Either way you look like a muppet and I look like a guy that said;
    Endex! :roll:
  12. Heard through the grapevine that a couple of guys just got interviews, well done wish you the best.

  13. Just been contacted by some-one from another cap badge who saw my post, applied week before last and secured an offer of a job this week. Thanks for the positive PM,s and yes you will always get a disgruntled ex employee, thats just the way it is.

    Good luck
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No let me congratulate you, good luck indeed, its very easy especially in a stell town to be out of work for a very long time!
  15. :( well said ugly i live in sheffield and see the redundancies come and go and the same with recriutment at corus it usually goes in 8 year cycles peaks and troughs but the blokes who did work there saiid it was good crack and money good but they were always worring about been laid off quickly! well done to those guys who ve got new jobs and good luck :)