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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by huntley, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I recently completed my BARB test and scored 66.
    I originally wanted to go into Intelligence and become an intelligence operative but my GCSE English let me down (only got a D grade)

    I have a 3 questions, firstly what GTI score is needed for Intelligence operative?

    secondly is it worth me not joining and re-siting my English to try and apply again?

    and thirdly if I join the army can i achieve my English and move to the intelligence corps while in another job? for example Vehicle engineer

    Sorry its such a long winded post

  2. Surely your recruiter should of told you what your able to do?!? So long as you achieve 58 or over on the BARB and have high grade passes in GCSe Maths, English and Science you can pretty much do any job you want. Except officer unless your gonna go to uni first. Also you will have to sit a TST test for any trade, at least my recruiter said so. The only people that don't i believe are required to do it are the RAC, RA and Infantry as well as various Logistical job etc (Correct me if wrong). In answer to you original question the BARB score required for Intelligence Operator is 55. However, do note that with the current economical climate you should aim higher at everything as they're making everything tighter. The original pass score on BARB for Infantry was 26 but in my AFCO they won't put forward anyone under 35.

    If your gonna go and redo your GCSE English allow yourself 2 years to do so. And is it worth it. Is there anything else you wanna do. Its your career man so you gotta be happy to do it for a minimum of 4 years. And hopefully do the full 22 :D

    As for learning and transferring accross - i don't know. Being as i'm not in yet, originally i was gonna transfer when in but my recruiter advised me though everything is possible in the army it is never definate. For example, your CO would have to agree to it and if he happened to be a bit of a ****** you'd be stuck. So if you take anything from this post don't plan your future on if's and maybe's.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  3. Not that I would ever tell someone they can't do anything they set their mind to, but I've been told the op intel posts are possibly the hardest, most competitive job role to get. You'll be going up against A star, first honours degree applicants.

    However, if its what YOU want to do, then go for it. Just be prepared that it may be a gruelling, frustrating road!
  4. If you definitely want that role for your career then I would suggest waiting it out for one year and resitting your GCSE english or equivalent. This would also give you time to learn about the role and prepare thoroughly to give yourself the best chance possible for the role.

    If you merely liked the sound of the role and hadn't already set your sights on it then I would have a look around the other roles you meet the requirements for and enquire about them to see if any are what you're looking for.

    Although it may not sound like fun having to sit it out for another year, in the grand scheme of things one year isn't long to wait :)

  5. Although I'm not certain, I would imagine that 90% of these A* 1st degree honors students would be attempting to enter intelligence as officers rather than soldiers, although there will be the occasional exception.
  6. If you had C grades and any BARB score above 60 you could go for any job academically (you may not be suitable/eligable for lots of other reasons though).Only you can decide if you want to resit your English language...just make sure its a GCSE English and not a mickey mouse equivalent course.You sign a job offer letter once you pass and allocated a job choice stating you are unable to change once in unless the Army wants you to change no you can't go in as an engineer then transfer once in........(yes you may hear of people who have managed it but getting extremely unlikely now a days with all the changes)

  7. You've been watching too much spooks...
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  8. Cheers for all the help, I'll give it some time to think about it.:)
  9. Just wanted to say good luck on your Pre-ADSC tomorrow! Should be doing that in a few months..hopefully!