Job opportunites in the Middle East for ex servicemen and women

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by liamtsjoyce, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Greetings all,

    About 6 months ago I started up the Defence recruitment desk for a telecoms and ICT recruitment company in Riyadh, KSA that services the whole of the Middle East. 6 months on and I have around 100 roles on with 9 different clients covering the whole of the Middle East. This year there is likley to be another 300 or so more roles with these clients alone and the client list is growing.

    The main aspects I cover are

    C4I - engineering and architecture, delivery, training
    Organisational Development
    Border Security management
    Security and Risk consultancy
    Commercial and Business Development
    TETRA and Telecoms project managers and Sub Contract Delivery managers

    and many others so if you are looking for any advice about working in the Middle East, or would like to be considered for a role then please send me your CV to and I would be happy to chat.

    Why the Middle East?? Well for those that have endured a wet cold winter in the UK followed by a wet cold summer will be drawn by the weather. You will never be short of the sun in the Middle East. Others are drawn to the large numbers of expats that are already out here and the close friendships that can be made. There are those that like to travel and the Middle East is slap bang in the middle of the world and has great transport links to all over the world. Oh and of course, its TAX FREE.
  2. What sort of pay are you talking about?
  3. It will be depending on the role, location, experience of candidate and whether it is a contract or full time role.
  4. The really good money jobs are few and far between, you can either live there and pay for your accom, or work a schedule like I did and end up paying tax here. If you go, save hard and get something out of it, I knew plenty of blokes who ended up no better off after working over there for years. The best money is still in oil.
  5. Samain, whilst true that the really good money is few and far between is that not the case for every job in every region. Where the middle east benefits is that as a resident out here you will not pay tax, and your accommodation, transport, schooling and medical will be paid for. Also if its in Saudi Airabia or Kuwait then there are no pubs to spend your money in. If you cant save money in this environment then I would probably reconsider your career and look to banking, those guys like to spend money for fun.
  6. I also forgot to mention that the life pretty much sucks as well, and if you are not islamophobic when you go you soon will be.
  7. How is the Bahrain job market at the moment? Was there for 6 months 5 years ago and liked the ex-pat lifestyle and intended to try and work there when I got out but then someone decided on the Arab Spring and all the tension came to the surface good and proper and Bahrain became less attractive to the wife!! Cracking rugby club in Bahrain :)