Job offers In Afghanistan

Been asked to send a CV off to a company in the States, and after my rather bad experience with KBR ( US ) in Kuwait was wondering if anyone else has a good thing to say or a bad thing to say regarding companies working in Afghanistan?

I am not into the security side of things as to put it simply I was never very good at the soldiering side of work and I am not too proud to know my own limits and skills.....its working for a construction firm called Recon International.

Or does anyone else have a suggestion for a company working there,that actually employs workers like plant operators rather than just supplying managers?

thanks in advance.
From my limited experience POM’s on the ground are usually sourced in country (Asian national etc) and management are European/US.

If you want to work for a lot less get on the ground with your Matchbox digger :twisted: or start bluffing like a good ‘un in management! :wink:

FEKA Construction Industry and Trade inc, Yenigun construction inc, METAG construction & trade inc, HARO construction (sub contractor to Supreme) may be a possibility. This was off a list off employers I was sent last Christmas.

Hasn’t RECON stopped trading and is now MillarCameron ( ?

Hope this helps and good luck

Edited to add wern't RECON Int a UK company like MillerCameron?
Thanks for the Info Sparky.

I am doing the email thing with Recon International at the moment,I assumed they were Yank from their recruitment office address,the other parts of the company seem to be based in Dubai.

I noticed when with KBR that they sourced most all their operators from Indian chaps but used Westerners as senior operators/overseers....even though half the KBR lot had bugger-all experience in the machines they were overseeing.

I am traded as a Crane operator and for some reason most the companies I have worked with have insisted their operators be Western lads, and even seem to prefer Brits first then Aussies/Kiwis/Canadians and then Americans if they cant get the other ones.
helo baldbaboon,

I was REME vm, did 5 years. Now I am about to graduate in Construction Management. Is there an HR person I can email enquiring for a job?

Thanks in advance
A chap I worked with for KBR, is now in the 'Stan working for Fluor. Same job as KBR (ROWPU) but lots more cash.

Have a gander at

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