Job offers flooding in for Bush the Berk!

Detmold_Drunk said:
Shut it SCUM !!
Any chance of you staying on-thread, mucker? Instead of "daddling" - that's from Jame Joyce, in case you were wondering. :D :D :D

I rather like this one
Posted by Bob @ 12:56 PM Thu, Feb 05, 2009
Do you honestly think that the man who couldn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for six years, and Osama Bin Laden for seven years, and the United States Constitution for eight years, could help me find the right thingamajig at Elliott's in less than five minutes?
As long as he is only a greeter and not in charge of anything (so as not to bollix it up), sounds like a brilliant idea. And probably would be the first bit of real work he's ever done.
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