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Apologies for starting a random thread and I'm sure this is more then likely regurgitating a subject that has been gone over many times before.
I am due out the Army in April 2016 after 23 years service, with all my resettlement leave and 43 days leave left still to take I have worked out my last day in unit will be January 8th after which I will depart on terminal leave.
I have already applied for a few jobs and ahead of potential interviews it would be nice to know what the rules on employment are ahead of leaving the service?
Am I allowed to be working in a paid Civie job while being paid by the Army for my last 3 months ? obviously I realise the tax man needs to know.
I have heard so many things but nobody seems to be able to provide a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance.


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A bloke joined my department in July and there was a few weeks overlap, so yeah it can be done.

I worked on my terminal leave. Not sure if I was breaking any rules. I didn't tell the tax man, my PAYE just sorted itself out eventually.
Picked up a job during my last month while on terminal leave. No problems.
I did my 3 months probation in the job i am in now whilst still serving and being paid by the army.
As far as i,m aware if you are released and your unit are aware there are no problems.
Working on terminal leave is fine, before that you (in theory) need CO permission. Check the resettlement and leave JSPs - all the info is in there. They overrule anyone 'who heard different'.
What they say is you can start a proper job (paid) once you start terminal leave. Prior to that you could be doing work experience and get expenses. The resettlement people will be up to speed with what's currently acceptable.
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