Job Offer!!!


Just got offered a job!Pity tho,it sound illigal....

We have found your CV at Monster and would like to offer you a part time job that consists of receiving bank transfers and then making further payments to one of our regional departments.

Your commission as an agent is 6% of each transaction. The salary is commission based only and you will earn approximately £18000 per year. The hours for this work can be combined with any permanent or other part time job, the average workload of up to few hours a week. Please note that you can work from home but this job cannot be done online, you need physically withdraw-send money from nearest branches.

Our company's business is based on a peer to peer type network. This avoids high foreign taxation and cross board acquisition fees. If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to ask for details of the general provisions of the contract.

Best regards,
Silvia ***

sounds like money laundering to me...
In all, I have had three offers identical to this one. All from different people. All mention a firm (different in each case) that the guy is working for. I sent the second one to civpol for area of named firm but, whaddayouknow, no answer despite a second query.

You mention Monster - can I draw your attention to this blog which might be of interest -


This sounds similar to the Nigerian scam. You will probably be required to pay a fee up front. They then disappear off the radar.

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