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Hi all,

I took my barb test today and got a score of 78. I have now been given a job list by my recruiter and i was hoping to have intelligence operative as a choice however this is not showing on the list.

At first i assumed this was due to my academic qualification's however i have the biomedical scientist role showingh which requires more qualifications(Qualifications: Regulars need two A Levels and five GCSEs at grade C or above in English Language, Maths and a science subject.)than the intelligence operative(GCSE grade C in English Language, Maths and three other academic subjects.)

Could this be an error that it is not showing on my list and should i bring this up with my recruiter or is there some other reason it could not be showing? It also seems strange that from reading other threads that people with lower barb scores got more jobs on their list than mine are showing (67 on my list) which is why im thinking there could be an error and i also really want to apply for intelligence opertive as my main choice.

Thanks in advance for any reply's


something like intelligence op may need a security screening process...but im not 100% sure so dont take my word for it...someone in the know should be along shortly
At that stage all that is required is your GCSE's above C grade and your BARB score above 58 so if you have English Language, maths, science and at least two more C grades then the only other thing that some Recruiters forget is to make sure its English Language on the system instead of English. Speak with your Recruiter anyway who will be best to advise and will be able to tell you instantly.................however if you have already been to ADSC there will be lots of other reasons including medicals, fitness ect.
Thankyou everyone who has replied. I will give my recruiter a call on monday and hopefully i will be able to apply for the intelligence operative role.

thanks again


hey guys, i did my barb test last week and got 55, not too great. i would like to resit it, how long does it take till i can do this?
hey guys, i did my barb test last week and got 55, not too great. i would like to resit it, how long does it take till i can do this?

Firstly WHY would you want to resit it...55 is an above average score and will open nearly every job if you have the required GCSEs.

However if you do decide to Re-do your BARB its after a minimum of 28 days and you can do three in a 12 month period (just remember if you retake it you lose the original score of 55)
I have sat my barb test today and I got 55, however only 44 jobs were availbe to me. but on the internet and the job i want to do isn't on my job list even thought I got a higher gti score and also have the correct gcse required for the specific job. :|

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