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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nothin, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. hey i was just wonderin if any of u could help me and tell me what i need to do to be a Military Engineer (Electrician) at officer rank
    both physicaly and mentally

    and what it will be like if u know

  2. A good grasp of both written and spoken English.
  3. well i kinda knew that but i mean how many GCSEs at what level and any ones you will need
    and what physical stuff will you have to do to join
    like run 10 miles?
  4. ..........hey Sandbanks..

    Your comment went right over his napper!
  5. 1st Requirement: Sense of humour :D

    My weapon not on your voting list, it's between my legs. :wink:
  6. lol

    anyway wat is he sayin i need to have english lit and lang but what level
  7. Better than what it is now, friend.
  8. Join the Army
  9. lol yea to be 1 u need to join the army but what are the requirements
  10. If this is a wah :x

    Repeat after me

    Anyway, what he is advising is that I require English Literature & Language, but at what level do i require it ?
  11. One good tip stop being sooooooooooooooooo lazy and have a play on Google ,try the myriad of military sites out there.
    Another one to remember is most of us on here are loooooooooong in the tooth and don't understand text talk/speak
  12. 1. You need to be able to spell properly and to use the English language to effectively express yourself. While you are still at school I would suggest paying attention during English lessons.

    2. Search on for a bit more information, call it a test if you like.

    3. Go and visit your nearest ACIO for Information. Look in the Phonebook under 'Army' for your nearest one.
  13. Better still, if your wishing to join as an Officer, then p!ss off and ask in the Officer forum. You clearly haven't researched the Corps very well at all, have you?

    1. Officers dont join as a tradesman (ME Electrician is a Sapper trade)
    2. You require a little more than GCSE's for starters

    So please take on all the posts prior and if you are trully interested in joining the Corp as an RE Officer then get you finger out and learn more about us.

    I bet your a walt at the weekends?
  14. u dumb ar... people i am spellin wrong on purpose cos it makes less typin
    and ye i know trade is a sapper rank but i want to get a trade thought the army cos u can really tell someone to do something if you dont know how to do it or something simmilar

    and i know what u need to be an officer
    but i dont know the physical requirements
    and tricky_ricky "get you finger out and learn more about us."
    what do u think im doin coming on this forum not to find out about the Royal Engineers
    i simply though you lot could tell me as most of you are in the army and did the tests to get in

    and i have researched the corpse i just cant find were it says about physical requirements cos if i can then i can train to that standard

    and i was hoping you would be of more use i am no better off then when i started maby i should look into a better division so that i can work with people who are usefull
    and if you cant tell me what u did to get in
    even though its a simple question i think i would be better off joining the other side
  15. Nothin

    Pull your fcuking head out of your arse and research the information yourself
    you sound like your admin is so far up your arse!! How the fcuk do you think you could administer a troop of blokes when you cant even sort your own out.
    and i have researched the corpse i just cant find were it says about physical requirements (quote)

    where did you do this local graveyard??? Sounds like you need help !!!
    And dont come on here asking for us to sort your shite out, get off your arse and do it yourself.
    We are a helpfull bunch when asked the right questions not bone ones..
    Perhaps you should Fcuk off and try joining the RLC but then again i dont think there is a place for twats there either.
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