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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by JJ, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. JJ

    JJ Swinger

    Just been offered 6months in kenya as a class1 sparky...anybody have any info/experience on the kenya job??whats it like there?starts in jan and i'd get my LCpl early,too...
  2. JJ

    JJ Swinger

    cheers,but can't find much info...wouldn't mind finding out about accomodation?is there some form of kenya LOA??anybody else going jan-jun/july???
  3. Go For it if you can I have never heard of anyone not enjoying Kenya I had a great time out there
    Just be careful in Florida 2000 lol
  4. Well, well we have come a long way if APC are now 'offering' jobs to Sprs and then it's up to them whether or not to take it (after seeking advice from a website of course). Did they also give you the opportunity to negotiate an improved deal on your company car and private health care package? I will bear that in mind the next time Glasgow try to fob me off with a job that I don't like the look of!
  5. Maybe this guy just got offered a nice to have but admittedly rare trawl!!!
  6. I'm sure you are correct and good luck to him but I'm still struggling with the concept of 'offered' !!! The last job I was 'offered' was in Baghdad and I don't think that 'no thanks' was an option!
  7. I'm sure had you asked your RSM nicely that he would have sat you down discussed you reasons why you need not go and seek an alternative job to do for the 6 months or so of the tour. He may of even offered to stack together a list of wives who were up for it whilst there old man was away
    I bet you didn't ask him did you?
  8. Fair comment Ethel, OP's is a different bag though. This may be an opportunity for him to improve and practice his trade skills that are few and far between currently with most of the RE in Afghan.
  9. Depends where you are in BATUK; it's currently undergoing a bit of a change.

    If you log onto ArmyNet and navigate to the BATUK homepage there are unit contact details, the country profile, a guide to Kenya on posting as well as a few other bits and bobs.

    Kenya LOA is currently the princely sum of £0.00 for Single/Unaccompanied personnel but if you are on detachment from your parent unit you may be eligible for LSA and you may get LOSLOA depending on where you end up living.

    On the plus side, the weather is always nice, the £ is currently very strong against the KSh so you money goes a long way and like any posting, if you get out and about at weekends you'll see some amazing things.
  10. I wouldn't even be considering it mate, i'd have bitten their arm off. I'm a class 1 plumber and i'd be more than happy to get away from camp for a bit. I even put Kenya as a posting preference :D

    I'll be signing off in the next few weeks unless something miraculous happens lol
  11. mmmm, FloJo's and ddddddddddddddddrunk.
    4 tours of Kenya, Jambo.
  12. As a Sapper, and a sparky, I'd email xxxx ... He might be able to put you in the picture ;o)
  13. Demosthenes you ******* throbber. As a Sapper and a Sparky you should be bright enough not to post a feckin military email on the WWW. Sort your act out shitlips.
  14. Listen to you ********!! Neither a Sapper, nor a sparky, he is! Also, the email posted is UNCLAS on a non-protected domain therefore perfectly suitable for posting in a public forum. Sort your act out shitlips and get yet shit in a sock befor you start throwing it!