Job hunt - Business Analyst (Software)

Apologies gentlemen for this blatant piece of self promotion but I have recently been made redundant owing to the current economic situation both here and in the USA.

I am currently seeking employment as a Business Analyst (software) but would be happy to consider variations on the theme.

I have a number of years experience in the IT sector, most recently within the fresh produce industry, and in that time have successfully worked with a large number of customers throughout the UK, USA and Mexico, analysing customer requirements, devising solutions and working closely with software engineers to create business systems. My experience also covers implementing solutions and ongoing support.

My primary experience has been with mobile data capture solutions using Windows Mobile devices in conjunction with SQL server.

I am a good organiser, am self motivated and am confident in my ability to work both individually and within a team to produce successful customer solutions.

I’d be most grateful for any leads anyone can throw my way.
CV available on request.

Best regards,
Tony Black
B Sqn, 1 RTR

I resigned from my job 3 weeks ago 'cause it was shite, with nothing to go to, I registered with all the agencies, but what's just got me a job is sending copious amounts of letters out to companies with my CV attached.

Started on Monday, better company, better people and most of all better money.

There are jobs out there, you just need to push on to people.
Hi Tony

I am in a similar situation. Have a look on all the security cleared sites. Then when you have the names of the companies go directly to their web pages, most then post their available vacancies. Or, there is always ATLAS who are rolling out DII and paying a fortune for short term contracts (£375 a day for data migration!!!). There really are millions of jobs out there its finding the right key words on the internet search. When I have a moment next week I will dig some out for you and post them. Have a look on all the defence contractor sites too; vickers, lockheed martin, bae systems etc.. they employ lots of ex forces people. Good Luck.
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