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Long time lurker here but I'm Canadian military and I have been searching for jobs. Came across this one and figured I'd post it here in case anyone wanted to apply. I'm not sure on the immigration laws surrounding it. However, it pays well and might be worth having a go for anyone willing to live in Suffield, AB.

Link: Workday

Location: Ralston, Alberta

$: $38.94/hour

1 Vacancy

Permanent, Full time (40 hours / week)

Position to be filled: As soon as possible

Job Bank # 1028312

Cubic Field Services Canada, LTD. (CFSC) is the wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Cubic Global Defense (CGD) Inc., based in San Diego.

CGD provides world-class training, readiness, and communications solutions for military, security, and public safety forces. In Canada, CFSC has a long standing presence with the delivery and support of Live Training Systems.Today, CFSC is headquartered at 45 O'Connor St. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 1A4, and operates five field sites throughout Canada.

The Areas Weapon Effect System (AWES) project is in support of British Army training, and is related to its sister site in the Salisbury Plain, United Kingdom. The AWES provides state-of-the-art simulation of combat operations at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) located at CFB Suffield in Alberta. The AWES gives the British Army an objective means of measuring troops' performance during large-scale military exercises.


Job Duties:

Identifying business development opportunities both within the AWES programme and also in the wider CFSC context and facilitating the successful prosecution of these opportunities.

Advising/Supporting Senior British Army Officers and the training audience on the best use of the Site’s Technical Equipment in supporting the customer’s training.

Supporting complex project and program work from other Cubic sections and be able to understand complex project documentation.

Liaison with other business units in supporting delivery of training and identification of interoperability and operating efficiencies.

Frequent travel both around Canada and internationally will be required.

Hosting visits of Military personnel, Cubic staff and other linked defence contractors.

Works in an Exercise Control Centre, monitoring the events of a unit or sub-unit on any company directed exercise using the provided IT system with special software and listening to radio nets in support of customer who will be in the field to whom the TA will be linked by radio.

Analyses data to provide objective evidence of training lessons to the customer for the after action review at the end of each mission phase.

Supports military training staff as required in exercise planning and preparation in trend analysis.

Support the Lead Training Analyst – AAR Production during the AAR production and delivery process, as directed.

Manage and analyze FoT data and then give advice to the military commanders under direction of Site Manager and Senior Training Analyst.

  • Conducts training of:

Military augmentees in the use of Cubic equipment.



n. Provides in-field support at AAR locations as required.

Logistics Support

o. Issues and receives equipment to Military Staff when required.

p. Operational and visual inspection of Group 2 equipment.

q. Minor repairs of Group 2 equipment.

r. Assist as operationally required.

3. The post will be permanent full time and needs to be filled immediately.

4. Benefits - Health and Dental, Vision, Pension.

5. The post is based at Canadian Forces Base Suffield, Building 538, Ralston, AB, T0J 2N0, Canada

6. All applications and inquiries to Krista Nieman:
Fax: 403-544-4965

7. Skill Requirements (Education).

The applicant must have, as a minimum, Level 5 Diploma in Management, awarded by a recognised professional body (e.g. Chartered Management Institute). The applicant must be a member of a recognised professional leadership or management body (e.g. Chartered Management Institute, Institute of Leadership and Management).

The applicant must have received formal military infantry training to Warrant Officer Level.

8. Skill Requirements (Work Experience).

The candidate must be a former British Army Infantry Warrant Officer with at least 20 years’ service who served as a minimum of Quarter Master Sergeant Instructor (QMSI). Former Canadian or US Armed Forces who meet the requirements and have served with the British Army for at least 4 years would be considered.

Recent (last 3 years) operational experience at Battlegroup level is essential, worked within in the last 3 years at a collective training establishment and delivered up level 4 collective training.

Operational experience working within a coalition / multinational headquarters is essential (minimum 6 month deployment). The applicant must also be fully conversant with current NATO doctrine with regard to UK MoD Battlegroup Operations and Joint Effects. Experience of working within a Battlegroup intelligence gathering team is highly desirable .

Armoured and Mechanised Infantry experience is essential. As a minimum the applicant must have completed the Armoured Infantry Platoon Commander’s course or Canadian equivalent .

Formal language training is highly desirable, as this contract now has a developing global expeditionary component.

Qualified and current in the use of all UK dismounted weapons systems and able to give advice to management on tactical and technical use considerations, with regard to realistic simulation and effects.

Extensive user experience of using/training with Tactical Engagement Systems in the British Army (or Canadian) collective training environment. Experience in delivering training to infantry teams in live training environment. A thorough knowledge of the employment capabilities of the electronic targetry and can advise to management level on (TES) technical and tactical considerations.

The applicant must have credible experience of recent interoperability training with other NATO forces and proven minimum of 2 years’ experience working with key contractors and senior military customers.

A minimum of 2 years experience of leading a highly qualified multi traded team in the delivery of high quality training infrastructure is essential. A thorough understanding of possible future operational changes to the training environment in order to deliver current infrastructure requirements to the training audience.

  • The applicant must have experience of working as a professional military trainer for a minimum of 2 years and have received collective training as a Warrant Officer.

A minimum of 4 years’ experience of working in the live military training environment delivering time sensitive lessons learned/After Action Review (AAR) process improvement training reviews. An advanced level use and understanding with Microsoft Office (especially Excel, Powerpoint and Word) so that the AAR can be put together quickly for delivery back to customer.

  • 15 years’ experience of briefing senior military and other government department officials is essential.

  • Applicant must have military qualifications and experience in teaching tactics, small arms weapon system, range planning, CBRN and battle casualty drills.

Worker Type:


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