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Job for the Missus/Daughter - Face Painting!

We've all done it. Face painting that is! Except in my day it was called camouflage cream, a mucky brown cream "don't use too much, just break up the outline" and since then, the sprogs seemed to have moved on to this "designer stuff" that gives you a bit of a natty green and brown complexion. Progress eh!

No doubt there will be some eyebrows raised at the prospect of a thread on painting kiddies faces on a military orientated website but I am attempting to be informative. I don't expect this to be a long thread. In fact, it would worry me if it became one.

So on to the informative bit then.

My daughter is 26 years old and has two children, one year and four years old. She lives with her husband who is a parts manager at a ford dealer and they have a mortgage and run a motor etc. The usual stuff for young families.

I recently did a job on the old Jungle Bus where a face painter was hired for the occasion but unfortunately didn't show up for the gig. The gig in question being a ten year old lads party.

I thought hhmm, my daughters rather artistic, I wonder?

So, Google is our friend and after some research for an hour, it turns out, if your missus or your daughter has that little bit of artistry in her, it's quite easy to do and it's also not that expensive to equipt themselves up for.

So far I've spent £30 on a couple of illustrated books and a dvd, £23 on brushes and sponges and £23 on a couple of differently themed starter kits. The starter kits contain more brushes, illustrations for a particular theme and several little pots of paint. A total £76 investment so far.

My daughter picked the stuff up today and has toodled off to try her skills on my two grandaughters. One's a year old and the other is four years old. She's has a sister in law with three children and a couple of mates with kids so I expect over the Xmas period, they will all be getting a little painted up over the festive season.

Anyway, in the next week or two, if she finds that her artistic inclinations come to the fore and that she's gonna get into the face painting industry, she's already halfway there!

She now has the basics such as brushes, sponges, some illustrative books and some experience behind her. So where to next?

She would probably get a couple of more brushes, say £20 and stock up on paint. If you are going to do face painting for a living, you are going to need bigger pots of paint than what came in the starter kits. You can buy them quite easily in 18ml or bigger sizes on the internet and shopping around will get you ten or so different colours in the 18ml size for about £40. A few other sundries such as a bag to carry it in, a couple of mixing palettes and a small container or two for washing brushes, say another £20/£30 and you are there in terms of what you need to go out face painting.

A small pointer on buying the paint. There is a site affiliated to tessa cohen where the paint is substantially cheaper than buying it off the manufacturer.

What's left to do?

The obvious way to go is to get a website going. It can be a simple one with a few pics on it, your location, contact number and prices. Might cost £30/£40 and you will operate best if you can drive to jobs.

What do you charge. A search on the web around West London shows that charges vary around £60 to £80 for the first hour at birthdays etc or £3 per face if you are at an event i.e. a carnival or maybe a country show.

So for an outlay of around approx £200, if your missus/daughter is artistically inclined, and we are talking face painting here, not Picasso or Van Gogh, she could be bringing in a few hundred quid a week in cash. Every little bit helps as they say.

If you want to look for them, there are courses you can do and there are a couple of sites you can register with for a smallish fee where they will pass out your contact details if the punter types in a post code near you.

Anyway, don't laugh at me too much for chatting about this on ARRSE. Get Doris or Mandy on the case and next year, you can get a decent sized turkey in for Xmas instead of chicken again.
My Missus does this on occasion.
Hypoallergenic face wipes are useful to have in the bag.

She will also need to be CRB checked if she's going to have close contact with children. Sorry, but there's no way around this, that I can see. My Missus is a registered childminder, so has an Ofsted CRB check behind her.

If she's going to have a queue of children waiting to get painted up, it's worth having a board with about 15 or so available designs printed on it for them to choose, plus some smaller 'tattoo' type things like butterflies or spiders for the awkward kids that don't want a full face paint, but do want something and are a bit shy about it and can't sit still for more than a minute or so.

It's worth looking around at local events and contacting the organisers early to offer her services and get her foot in the door. If she gets some business cards from Vistaprint (They have some special offers of free business cards on right now!) they also do cheap websites that you can set up yourself quite easily.


I know that this isn't the NAAFI, but starting a sentence with "My daughter's 26..." is rather brave! ;)
If this was the NAAFI, I wouldn't have mentioned my daughter never mind her age. :)

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