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Edited as information recieved.
Cheers lads.


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bowman_guru said:
I have been trying for days to get in contact with the OSD centre in Kuwait. It is on Camp Doha. I have been onto the Whitehall operator on numerous occasions and transferred onto just about every operator in the Middle East, but still cannot get through.
I need to get through so if anyone has the number tucked away PLEASE pm me with the number and whichever system is in use, and no, it is not for a little holiday for myself.
It is not a restricted number; just no-one seems to have it.
Thank you to anyone who pm’s me with it.

This was a complete nightmare when I was there may I suggest that you relay a message via the NSE G1 at the SLB, it was the only reliable route.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

The Bde APTC has good links with the centre he may be a good POC.
That could be plan B. Cheers.
Can't believe Whitehall are out of the loop on this one.

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