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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Piehead20k, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. hey guys, I have just got back from doing my BARB and basic skills tests and the recruiter has sent me home with some thinking to do. Before my tests I realized I had fairly good gcse results but I still had my eye on joining the AAC. I got 67 in my barb test and paired with my pretty good basic skills results my recruiter is pushing me to apply for a job that relates more to the qualifications I got in technical drawing and science. He has suggested the role of either an aircraft/avionics technician or some sort of draughtsman or serveyor. Any advice or ideas?

    Thanks :)
  2. Whilst the recruiter is only trying to give you a helpful nudge in the direction of the role he/she believes you are most suited to remember that its you who will be doing the job.
    My advice is to pick something that you think you will enjoy and keep your interest up. Don't be pushed into chosing a career you may be miserable doing just because its got a high BARB number next to it.

    Best of luck choosing.
  3. do whatever you want to do, not what the recruiter wants you to do.
  4. thanks guys ill have a scan through the careers books!
  5. I got 72 in BARB and like you went towards Aircraft Tech.
    It was only until my 2nd interview that i said I'd rather RA Obs ot assitant as Pref 1 and Aircraft Tech as job 2.

    That was a good choice, as I know I won't regret it at all.

    I'm now going to Selecton for AFC on Monday. :D
  6. I hope in 4 years time then when you have no formal qualifications to show that you still have that attitude then ;)

    And for what its worth, unless a recruiter is blatently trying to put you into something that you totally disagree with then for the most part they are trying to match your skills, interests and also ambitions to a job that you would possibly enjoy doing for a full career, we arent just trying to sell you a minimum term ;)

    With any of my applicants i am really blunt with them, from the onset i tell them that i couldnt care less what job they pick as long as its a job that they have researched, want to do and realise that it was their choice.

    However they all get the benefit of my 21 years in so much as if i think they arent cut out for that type of work or i think they are selling themselves short then they get told.

    Ultimately it is your choice, but i would like to think that anyone with half an ounce of sense would be not only looking for formal qualifications that are either directly transferrable to civilian employment, but also a job that is going to give them variety within that field.

    Oh and lastly, just because you join one job doesnt mean you are stuck on that career path for the long haul, the amount of courses that can be done to enhance both your Army promotion profile as well as your civilian CV is ridiculous, it just takes a person to get off their arrse and go and do them.

    But for that first 4 years you will be stuck with the trade you have picked and i can tell you now ;)