Job descriptions

ring a med centre and ask for one.
She works in one!

For some reason they don't seem to have job descriptions (my view, sgt cant be arrsed to do them, delegate, way of the world)
Ring AMD, they have everyones job description.
Sounds like a certain wifey wants to quote what her job spec says.................??
Nah she wouldn't bother with that, not the type, although I wouldn't put it past her to be getting it to use it to prod a few of the lazy fekkers she works with!

Will let her know about jpa, if no joy she can ring AMD ( I presume that's the medics version of our glourious DEME A?)
What she does need to know is that on the bottom of each AMS JS it states "additional duties as required by the line manager"..........this prevents said soldier trying to use the "it's not on my Job Spec" line :)

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