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My unit has recently been DDI'd (lucky us) unfortunately everything needs to be re written or so we are told. I have been tasked with writing up a Job description for a Ftr section Sgt VM un-spec. In camp (repair lines) on Ops Ftr section Sgt. my question is. Has anyone got a link or download with our Job description already on electronic format, as this would save me and a few other lads a stack of time. I’m not saying we all do the same job. But by and large 80% of a Ftr section Sgt job is very similar. So if anyone knows a link.
Thanks in advance

I'm sure that a generic VM Sgt job spec can be obtained from HQ DEME(A), ask for SO2 Pers Pol - he should be able to help.
Who_you_callin_a_REMF said:
myheadhurts said:
surely job description should read "fix trucks" or am i stuck back in the dark ages ?
Or is it "fix trucks", "drink coffee", and get the full screws to run the section!!
Your right and the full screws should be "Wind your neck in, get on the shopfloor and fix those trucks so the Sgt can drink his Coffee in peace."

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