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Not satisfied with being one of 3 Health and safety Nazis in my office, our new H&S man has decided that our managem,ent team of 17 staff will carry out at least 1 inspection per 4 week period! Problem is with in excess of 1 inspection per working day on our small site there will be a negative impact upon production. The moral of this is get a job for life get a QUENSH qualification. waste of space most of them!
I totally agree ugly,health and safety have grown to ridiculous levels,I was an hgv 1 driver and when ever we delivered to a leading supermarket chain that begins with T when ever we got out the cab we had to have a high vis vest on FFS if I couldn't see people walking round in a big yard(football pitch size) in broad daylight,I shouldn't be driving a bl00dy truck,I can remember that programme life of grime with good old Mr Treybus on it,now this bloke had fought the Nazi's in WW2 and been captured by the SS and because his house was a bit minging and needed a few repairs,they had this council bloke with the H & S uniform on (Hi vis vest and Hard hat ) walking round telling him it was dangerous,after what the fella had been through already,T0ssers most of them

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