Job Confirmation Interview

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ratonstilts, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Got my job confirmation interview on Tuesday, any tips? Im applying for Ammo Tech with adiographer and Electronic Technician as back up. Cheers
  2. Only tip I would give is to try and get your recruiting Sgt/Officer to get you a promise on your 1st job choice. That way if you do your part of the bargain(passing selection) you are guaranteed a slot on your number one choice.

    There were only 6 slots for the Army Air Corps when I was doing my pre selection interviews, and getting a promise was a weight off my mind.

    Only other advice is be confident, know everything about your top 2 job choices, and always look your interviewer in the eye.

    Best of luck.
  3. So if I dont get a promise...even if i pass selection i may not get my 1st job choice? That sucks, thanks for the advice mate.
  4. there cant be any promise's made really its based on first come first served....but gd luck and dont lie and tell the truth because the interviewer will know if ya lieing llol gd luck
  5. Yes there can. My recruiting Sgt told me to ask about getting a job promise when I went for my confirmation interview. So I asked my interviewing Officer about it and he phoned up someplace right in front of me and got me a guaranteed slot for the AAC right there. So all I had to do was pass my selection and my 1st choice was guaranteed.

    Ratsonstilts i'm not saying you won't get your first choice without the promise,but if you do get one then it's one less thing to worry about, as you know if you pass selection then the job you want the most is going to be yours.
  6. Dont talk bolloxs, a promise is what us Recruiters will do with J...... at allocations once you have passed selection only. Maybe the Senior recruiter phoned her and aquired about the places left especially if your junior entry but if somebody does pass selection before you and not many places are available you could still lose it until you are placed on the course loading. Regarding rats question on passing selection and not getting your first choice..... Once you pass selection and find out if your eligable for the choices you made you will then be allocated by RG. The PSO who interviews you could phone up allocations to see what places are available and might give you a provissional date. This time of the year is extremely busy especially with all the juniors going in the end of August/Sept. On 80% of cases though you would phone your recruiter up to let him know you passed then he could try and get the up to date dates of next courses but couldnt do anything that day because your computer records are locked with the ADSC. The next day go in/phone you have 14 days to say if you want th job and decide which job you want(in cases if first job is inelligable). I had two cases in my time where applicant passed on the Wednesday and started basic on the Monday (quick enlistments due to spaces at ATR) but in most instances it can be anywhere between 4-12 weeks from passing selection to starting. Good luck