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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by crafty1987, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. hi fellas...the more i read up on my job choices the more unsure i get! had settled on RAC recce, but have been told to think about life outside the army at some point! and from what ive heard job prospects wont be brilliant!
    im now edging towards reme! but since theres so much to read up on i thought id ask a bit of advice!
    so any certain jobs that people could highly reccomend? or ones to avoid?
    thanks in advance!!
  2. depends on why you want to join the army
  3. yeah i suppose the origional post is a bit vague!
    something iv always wanted to do! and finnally getting aound to it!
    army life in general appeals to me most! hence me not being able to settle on a job choice! id narrowed it down to RAC but am now looking at the bigger picture! one day ill need a career outside of the army!
    so im just covering all options realy before i settle on my final choice!
  4. Well it also depends on what you would like to do once you leave the army. The REME would train you in a trade which you could apply on civvy street, so if you wanted to be an electrician, mechanic or whatever once you leave the army the REME would be a good choice.

  5. This is what is getting me recently

    I'm apply as a 25 year old graduate so trying to go down officer route. I'd love to be in the infantry for the 'going anywhere, meeting people, being in charge' opportunity, but not sure what happens when (IF) I come out.

    Is being a officer a world apart from being a soldier for opportunities when you come out?
    What options would you have a a officer in REME when you come out (And would they be very similar to a officer in infantry)?
  6. Read every Army carears booklet you can get your hands on and then read them all back to back. Might take a while but you will have a better idea on what you want to do afterwards. Think i had about 11 of the things.
  7. If your torn between the engineering/soldiering route then why dont you do what I did, join the REME, get a trade, then get attached to an infantry unit (Preferabley the parachute regiment) and do both. dont quote me on this but i think that to join the reme as an officer you have to have an engineering degree? ACIO would be able to square you away with details. also im not sure officers get a trade, dont think they do.