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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Athers, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Origionally I wanted to go Infantry because for some reason living it rough and surviving on the stuff in your bergen appeals to me, then after some thinking and talk with my parents I have decided it is best to get a trade and narrowed it down to:
    REME Vehicle Mechanic, I think I would enjoy this as I would like to learn about engines etc, it is a good trade and you can be in the thick of it fighting with the infantry?
    REME Recovery Mechanic Not to sure about this looks like you turn up and tow a vechile like the AA do, but you tow big ones. (absolutley no offence intended)
    Royal Signals Driver Lineman, not to sure about this one, not many people on here reccomend it, apparently not a real trade?
    Royal Signals Communications System Operator, my uncle was this and raves about it, seems like a good trade but you do a lot of sitting around?
    Royal Signals Electricion, good trade, variety of differnt jobs to do in the Army?

    Are my impressions of these trades correct, and I know you are a soilder first tradesman second, but which one of these trades would you say gets the most soildering/infantry experience?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Your recruiter would enjoy this conversation ;)
  3. Hello mate.

    Sorry, as this is a bit irrelevant to what you are asking but I've had the same conversation with my parents about getting a trade out of it. I've stuck with my choice though and am still going for the infantry.

    Remember, at the end of the day it is YOUR job and make sure you chose something you're going to enjoy, if the infantry appeals to you I'd go for it.


    Oh and I'm not trying to make your mind up, just my opinion :).
  4. Lol why is that?
    As soon as I went in it seemed he was trying to get me away from infantry, (even though he is).
  5. Yeah that is true but I have always like engines and stuff like that so if I can be a soilder, do a bit of fighting and get a trade, that seems pretty good to be.
    But like you said its only one persons choice, yours.
  6. Maybe your educational quals put you into a category and he has to steer you that way. REME VM is a good trade to have.
  7. I haven't got any qualifications yet, apart from half an English and half a Maths GCSE, (I take my GCSE's in May).
    He gave me my job choices on predicted grades and my BARB test.
  8. im going reme mechanic and ive been told you need a strong stomach........

    ..... for all the tea you drink!

    lol not sure if this is true but i can live with it if it is
  9. Tea????

    Something a bit stronger Ill let you know. Regarding infantry skills it doesnt matter what trade you go you will still get a lot of the infantry style role and will get the chance to volunteer to go on tour as infantry.....a number of my Craftsmen were trawled to go as infantry on previous tours when i was in 16 BDE and were attatched with the Paras within their infantry sections. Even at trade within a fitter section you will be up front in the battle group ready to repair the armour or vehicles when they break down in most cases within a few clicks to fix and there will always be fitter cover on all convoys in Afghan.

    Listen to your Recruiter though as there may be other reasons hes steering you away from Infantry as robustness, physical and other areas for your developement might of been a factor.