job choices


My query isn't quite the same but I reckon it fits under the title.

I know I'll probably get told to see a recruiter, however, I'll ask anyway.

I have sent off my application of interest form for an officer and I am awaiting for someone to reply. In the meantime I'm trying to establish what career direction to take presuming I manage to jump through all of the required hoops. My first interest is the infantry due to the obvious attraction plus I am really into my fitness and strength training, then I put down for RE followed by Signals.

Thing is I studied for a degree Town & Country Planning and I currently work as a land buyer for a property investment company and wondered if there's any opportunities within the army where I could use and perhaps develop on my experience, when I went to a recruitment office the WO2 gave me a load of brochures but put more emphasis on the RLC.

All advice/slagging/beatings will be greatly appreciated.

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