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Alright lads
Does anyone know if i get the choice at selection in my final interview if i get to choose any of my 3 job choices or do i have to take my 1st choice if i pass requirements?, its just since being deffered from selection ive had a bit more time to think. My 1st choice is the Parachute Rgt and 2 nd is Engineers.
The reason i ask is i have only just been told about 23 engineer which i think might be better for me in the long run as ill get a trade an all that. But will it be similar to being in the paras because the experience they offer did really apeal to me. Also when do i get to join 23 engineer regiment?
You will be posted to a normal RE unit when you finish your training.

Not sure if 23 take people straight from training but cant see why not as they are not all Para trained. If you express an interest in P-Coy and show some potential they might push you in that direction anyway.

It is worth bearing in mind that it will only be a posting for about 3 years and then you will move on (although should you pass P-Coy and they are short then they may be happy to keep you longer). You could also move on, do a posting at another Regt and then go back.

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