Job choices OPMI, Military Engineer Communications, Armourer

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by jgib284, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, just a little info if you will.

    Im just at the stage of selecting my 3 choices in the application process, the 3 that appeal being OPMI, Military Engineer (communications), and armourer.
    Having read through various forums for insider details on each job, im dying to know if OPMI is as boring as everyone makes out?? I know its hardly 007 work but the way the guys who suposedly do the job make out they must all be on suicide watch 24/7!!
    Also my recruiter talked about specialising in the engineer communications post to bomb disposal, paras, commandos and other exciting this realistic or is it a case of 1 guy every 15 years after 10 years service etc? my fitness is ok for paras (1.5miler 8.30, 60 pressups and 80 sit ups in 2mins, 35 heaves) but i dont fancy doing it as the sole role in the forces.
    Any thoughts or useful comments/ideas welcome.
  2. "everyone" being who, exactly....? :?

    i'm not bored. i love my job.
  3. 'Everyone' means those that are not intrested in OPMI and see it as a boring position when compared to other roles..a little more research is needed on their behalf, but each to their own. I'm just hoping my tea making skills are up to par if i make it into the Corps. :wink:
  4. I was Armourer and had Int Corps as 2nd choice. Very nearly transferred to Int Corps after 9 years but went tiffy instead.

    The RE job sounds a bit leftfield, no doubt a Sapper can explain more.

    I can't comment with any accuracy on the Int Corps job but Armourer is well understrength and that's always gooid for promotion prospects.

    Ultimately it's your choice and your career not mine. Good luck.
  5. These are also people who actually have no idea what it is we do, unsuprisingly.