Job choices and training questions...

Just curious how recruiting ultimately determines which job out of an applicant's three preferences is eventually offered? For example, if my first choice is infantry and I qualify for that trade, under what circumstances is an offer of my second choice- or third for that matter- tenured?

Also, I am coming from the Commonwealth (Canada) and my recruiter and I are trying to shoot for a November intake at ITC Catterick provided I am able to finish selection by late August and spots are still available. That said, he was careful to express to me that one of the challenges I might face if offered a training position at this time would be the break over Christmas time. I had not considered that there would be a break and although am not concerned in the least about it, I am curious about what provisions I would have to make for myself over this time. For instance, I am assuming that UK based soldiers in training are permitted to go home during the break. Are the same provisions afforded to someone from Canada? If not, would I have to find accommodation off base during the time of the Christmas break or are members from the Commonwealth allowed to stay in barracks? Obviously if given the option, and depending on the length of the break, I would fly home for the holiday. I just want to get a good foothold on what I should expect if a position is offered following selection. Does anyone know off hand how long the break from training over Christmas is?

Thank you.

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