Job Choice

Hey guys,
im stuck on what job i want to do when i join the army. im thinking towards the royal signals because of the life afterwards, you can easily get a job in civi street, but i think it would be pretty boring, iam wanting to join the infantry because of the action and intesity, but what would be better for when im in the army, and in civvi street
My CA is in the infantry just about to leave the army and hes asked the army to pay for loads of skills like carpentry etc etc. If you want to gain something in the army in any regiment you can most probally get it.
wicked thanks mate :)
Lil-Riflem4n said:
wicked thanks mate :)
thats okay, if you decide for infantry what trade you going to take
light role i think :)
Lil-Riflem4n said:
light role i think :)
good on you. Hope it all goes well

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