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  1. im havin doubts on which job i wanna do when i join up can anyone give me some more info on the gunner light gunner job role as i looked up info on army website but id like to know more can anyone give me some more info on job
  2. Gunner Light Gunner?
  3. Call in to your local careers office and they can give you all the information you need
  4. Sir Yes Sir,
  5. gunner light gunner was just way it was written on armyjobs section on website. or would appreciate anyone who actually doin this job role to give me a idea will ask at careers office too cheers :)
  6. Although I am not in the RA, have ever served in the RA or indeed ever intend to be in the RA (spineless runaway cowards of yester year) I would imagine (feel free to correct as required) that you will be a gunner on a light gun? which I would imagine entails carrying all the bits, bobs and Paraphernalia which goes along with it...Sticking it in appropriate sized barrel and firing into the distance??? Like I said I aint no expert.... :D
  7. Clearly not, as you load the breech.....not the barrel. We've not done that since the days of the Cannon ;)

    TankGirl.....are you fit? ;)
  8. Thanks Smudge :wink:

    TankGirl.....are you fit? ;)[/quote]
  9. cheers i have user photos in the gallery check em out see for urself yes i would be goin in for light gunner
  10. I can't be ar$$ed to look...Smudge what does she look like.... :D
  11. Well, she looks ok in one photo, looks rough in another, and looks like a lesbian in the other one. So....I'm undecided at the moment.

    She does, however, look dirrrrty ;)
  12. Oooooh we like dirty :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  13. Yes....yes we do! So Tankgirl......when are you posting the topless photos?? ;)
  14. The AFCO have all the information. Armyjobs is another good source. You could also try a Look At Life course if the RA run them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.