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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by snarlos, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. I have just completed my BARB test but wasn't told what score i got just that it was 'very good'...However, the jobs that i was eligible for were RLC, RE, Intelligence Corps, REME, Adjutant General's Corps and the Signals.

    The only thing that seems appealing to me is the RE as i'm interested in the combat side of things but still want a trade. Would this be a good choice?

    I'm starting to get concerned, as i'm struggling to choose even one job choice let alone three and i've got my first formal interview coming up soon.

    Any help would be a blessing.

  2. hmm, ask you recruiter to print out the job briefs for the Royal Engineers, or go to the armycareers web site. It really depends on yourself and what sort of job you want out of life.

    I have a friend in the refrigeration and air conditioning installation buisness (civillian) and he claims his on well over 35k a year, his talking about moving to Canada because its a proffesion thats in quite a bit of demand over there.

    I want to join the Royal Engineers also, i am going with fitter general, its appears to eb quite a rounded job, i have never been much for the having the one job/responsability and concentrating on that alone, my mind is always wondering what is going on with the bigger picture, so the brief for fitter gen appealed to me, fingers crossed.

    Perhaps go into the RE section on the forum and ask about any job choices you think you're interested in, you should get a rather honest reply.
  3. Thank you. I will have a look around.

    The 3 print-outs on the RE i was handed were for carpenter and joiner, bricklayer and concretor and building and structural finisher.

    None seem that appealing to me to be honest.
  4. You've made things alot more clearer now. Nice one.

    I should ask my recruiter this but whilst i'm on here, do you have to be decided on what trade you're going for when making one of your three job choices or can this be chosen further down the line?
  5. i have heard, don't quote me on it, but i have heard that you have wiggle room right up until the completion of phase 1. But thats just what some potential recruit on selection said.

    I would say its proberly better if you show up to selection with a little clue about what you want to do, if you show up 'umming' and 'arring' about what you want to do it wouldn't reflect to well if you know what i mean.

    All these questions could be awnsered by your recruiter, if you have just compleated your BARB you should be looking at your 1st interview? I would suggest writting down all these questions and asking them at your interview, it would show that you are interested in the career you could have in the army, if you can't decided on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc, just get 3 in mind that you are interested in, spout them off as your 3 choices then ask about choosing carrers.
  6. Am I the only one that sees irony in this?

  7. well, he claims its a better environment in Canada, under the illusion that there are no hoodies and that immigration isn't a prblem because of high standards of immigration law, somthing like that, i don't know so i didn't argue. :roll:
  8. Have you looked at any of the REME trades such as VM or Rechy Mech if you want a trade, these jobs will still get you pretty close to the fighting if thats what you're after.
  9. You'll find that most REME tradesman are with combat units and to really get to the sharp end armourer is a pretty good job as not a lot of them are with base units.I was a VM for 15 years and spent very little time with 2nd echelon units.
  10. Unless you're unlucky and on your second battalion in a row, and even worse if its in Tidworth!