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  1. Hi sorry if it's been posted before, have spent ages searching and can't find an answer. But my recruiter isn't very useful, so Im coming up to pre-adsc next weekend, and was wondering when I actually decide which job I go for, I have gone through all the info about each job and have got it narrowed down to 2. Paras or if I can't get the run time for them, then the RA. Just wondering when I actually have to make this choice? Cheers
  2. Facebook search function crashes in 5,4,3.....

    I'd edit your name out of your post fella.
  3. Didn't know it was in there. Cheers bud
  4. "Recruiter isn't very useful?" That statement probably says more about you, than the recruiter.

    So I don't believe that for one second, and you'll certainly get better, and more up-to-date, information in their office, than you will on an anonymous website.

    Go back and have another chat.
  5. No seriously, its not just me that says she's useless. Everyone I speak to that goes to that office agrees with me, we've had a request put in for a different officer. He will be here next week. So can't find out until he arrives.
  6. Do you remember the form you filled in right at the start of your application which asked you to fill in 3 job choices in order of preference?
  7. Yeah the 3 areas of interest?
  8. Which did you put as your 1st preference?
  9. Edited for being a mong. Ignore me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.