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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hallm, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    If I pass ADSC is there any possibility I can change my job choice after?

    I have just been on an insight course with the Royal Artillery and realised that this is the path I want to go down, however it is not currently one of my two chosen jobs. :/
  2. Try changing before ADSC if possible. I'm in the same situation thinking of changing from RAMC to Royal Irish
  3. Okay, thank you. I'm just a little worried because I'm going to ADSC next Thursday and so I'm hoping it's not too late?! What stage of the application are you in?
  4. aye I have ADSC on the tuesday after so it'll probly be next week sometime if I decide to change. I had 2nd interviews the other day and got convinced to change my 1st choice from infantry to medic but I'm sort of in the mind now I want to change back.
  5. oh okay that's made me feel better about changing it! didn't want to delay the process haha. ahh i see, i've been wanting to change my job choice for a while now but still wasn't sure whether i should go for it, but now i'm definitely up for royal artillery :) the only trouble is it was neither of my job choices.
  6. aye i think my minds pretty much made up its just a matter of when to ring the recruiting office. They should be able to change the job choices before adsc, I don't think they try to book a place on any courses until after they've received your report from adsc.
  7. yeah i hope so! fingers crossed! thank you
  8. If your waiting to go to ADSC you need to go in and speak to your Recruiters and change the choices (with good reasons) prior to go to the ADSC. This way if your recruiter/Senior recruiter is happy he can ammend it prior to the ADSO seeing you and also annotate your Interviews with his endorsement. Last thing you want to do is being sat in front of the ADSO on your second day making yourself look stupid trying to justify your sudden change of preferences as the ADSO may defer you for indecisions.
  9. Just if anyone happens to know, how does this work when joining from TA? As I didn't fill in any job choices after my BARB nor has anyone really asked me what I'm wanting to do.

    I'm currently TA Infantry and all the paperwork I've so far completed is to join a Regular battalion of the same regiment, was just wondering if it's even possible for me to apply for any other job, as the possibility has never been raised in any conversations with the AFCO.
  10. If you have gone in to join from TA Infantry to Regulars then they will of asked that on your 203 Special Enlistment through RG or MCM will depend on if you had done an Op tour or not to where this would have gone. The only way you will find out is by speaking to your Recruiter and find out what was put down when you were accepted to carry on through the process.
  11. Cheers for the reply, I had my 203 interview, mostly where my curiosity in this matter came from was that when I came down from my BARB test straight into my 203, the section I believe you're referring to had already been written out in full while I was away so I didn't really get that part of the process I suppose.#

    It's not as though I'm unhappy at going Infantry, it's just that I found it rather strange that at no point was it raised with me, which piqued my curiosity.
  12. As iron said, you need to go and speak to your recruiter and change pronto, before ADSC, however what intrigues me is that you went on a look at life with a corps that was not even one of your choices??????.

  13. my son was at asdc in lichfield,(2 WEEKS AGO) he failed the 40kg bag lift, which meant he couldn't get into the infantry, his 1st choice, so he went to the afco and is now going into the RA, not sure if you can change your job choice, but it is good advice to go down to the afco and ask, where was the RA insight course..?, my son is due to go on it, he's been on the infantry one. good luck with the ASDC, hard work, enjoy
  14. just wondering... where did you go for the insight course? I attende one not so long ago in ripon?