job changes/c3 systems

i got pushed into c3 systems with a few cunning fibs and push by the recruiter and my own fault of not wanting to be un-employed for as long as i would be if id chosen my other job chocies.

i just wanted to know if this job is as bad as everyone says it is on here?

and if i would be able to change my choice within the RE once i got in?

i got told c3 is in the MT which means i can still get my crane licence
It can be a nause with all the monthly checks on the kit in the Bowman store etc!

No you cant do a crane course as C3s (CIS)!

B, B+E, C, H and D1 is the normal driving courses you will get as RE Sigs
You'll get your B, B+E, C & C+E driving licences from training and soon as you get to your unit you'll be chucked in a Bulldog and get your Cat H.

If you fancy checking kit thats not left the store every month to make sure it still works, being a general dogs body for the officers on exercise (and in barracks most the time - learn to make a good brew!) and get fecked over on promotions then crack on mate.

If not try your hardest to get your job choice changed when the RCMO comes to see you in phase 1 training or as soon as you can once at Gib barracks because as soon as you start your class 3 CIS course you'll have more chance of finding rocking horse crap than changing your trade!

If you want to drive a crane you need to be a driver as Dodgy said you cant get it as a CIS but then at the same time crane drivers are few and far between so you'll probably not get it then either.

If I was in your position knowing what I know now I'd be trying my hardest to be a POM. You'll work in the MT most the time, do half their jobs (like the sigs also). Wont get your crane unless you strike very lucky but at least you'll have your plant cert to fall back on when you get out to civvie street
an NVQ in communication tech what am i supposed to do with that?

yeah i havent heard one good thing about c3's still!
i think il chew the RCMO's ear off

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