Job change Int Corps vs RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by lar12345, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello,
    This has to be quick as I'm rather rushed. Currently half way through phase one and am joining Int Corps... However, half my platoon are RMP and from what I've heard from them RMP sounds loads better than Int Corps! Basically I'm going to enquire through the correct channels about transferring but what does everyone on here think about the comparison between Int Corps and RMP in terms of work and job satisfaction?

    By the way i did plan to join Int Corps with the intent of working in a HUMINT/ more hands on role hopefully working with the infantry but from what i can see so far there's a hell of alot of classroom theoretical work and very little practical work. Or excitement for that matter.

  2. That shows how little you know then... Go RMP, you'll probably be better suited.
  3. Simple choice. Join the Int Corps and have loads of good mates, or....................................
  4. .....join the RMP and shop them.
  5. As for comparison RMP deal with fact whereas Int Corps deals with fantasy :D

    I have always considered the Int Corps as I do the RAFP, an organisation with a slightly similar job but with far more intelligence and maturity. Choose the right role in the Int Corps and you will have a varied and interesting time.

    If however you like working rediculous hours dealing with the arse end of the army and its pathetic problems while being treated like sh1t by your own hierachy, its RMP for you.
  6. You are half way through Phase 1 - and so are the people who are telling you that the RMP "sounds loads better". Neither you or your mates know much about either the RMP or the Int Corps. It's your choice, but if you are that easily swayed in an argument, then take the RMP, as Petriburg says, it sounds as if you are more suited.

    This is not the first time this has happened and guess what, we didn't miss those who chose to reallocated to RMP.

  7. From your initial post I would say you are neither suited to RMP or the INT CORPS. Have you thought about transferring to be a chef?
  8. See the "Cookery" forum for inspiration :)
  9. RMP - make things up about people

    Int Corps - disseminate made-up things about people...

    Tough call :twisted:
  10. The rest of the Army - Believe things made up about people....and add a bit for effect!
  11. ......or was that the SIB?
  12. Last quote of my signature block... :twisted:
  13. I can't believe you guys! The guy needs some constructive advice on his future career, and we're all taking the p1ss.....what's wrong with......oh......hang on.......this is ARRSE isn't it! ;)
  14. I was being serious.
  15. Join the Int Corps and learn a language - e.g. Arabic. This stand you in good stead for when you find yourself in civvy street in 22 years. Its not that far away!!