Job Change after failed selection ???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scotto103, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi people iv just did my selection but didnt pass due to poor preformences in the team tasks and i'm going back in 3 months time, i wanted to join the infantry but have had a change of heart and decided id like to be maybe a driver in the signals just wondering if i'm allowed to change job choices after already doing selection for the infantry, and would this mean that id have to go threw part of the application process again such as doing the interview again ??

  2. Have you asked your careers advisor?

    I believe I am right in thinking that if you were at ADSC and faild to meet the requirements for all 3 job choices, but still managed to make the grade for others NOT on the list you could be offered the ones the interviewer thought you would be suitable for. Therefore if within that time period they could give you a totally different job offer, then with this much headway you should be able to change it no prob.

    But still ask Careers Advisor.
  3. i was going to ask monday just thought id try and get an answer of here before hand.
  4. Well i have 3 months to look at different jobs and was hopeing to change my choice in that time before i'm back up to selection again.
  5. I'm sure you would be able to change.
    As I passed selection, then afterwards, I changed my job.
    And I had no problems, now I'm a lot happier...I don't feel like I'm going in half hearted.
  6. "A driver in the Signals".........

    Bad move.......

    It's against the law to use mobile phones when yer driving!!!! :D
  7. you get no job offers if you fail team tasks i thought. Shows a lack of confidence or the ability to work with other people, which you need for all jobs
  8. Its not really that i cant work with others with me it was my lack of confidence to actually speak up abit more i actually thought i did quite well but they must of seen otherwise :D just means next time i go up there ill just have to put double the effort in because i aint giving up on this :D