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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Coopzer, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. My recruiter rang me up yesterday for a date on the Job briefs, he said what job you looking at and i said Grenadier Guards and he then made a appointment for me on tuesday. So what should i be learning about what do i need to know? How should i dress?

  2. Get on the army website and read up on the gren gds, then goolge them and see what else you can learn about them. You should wear a suit if you have one or at least a shirt and tie.
  3. Job brief...hmmmm...judging the state of this governments attitude towards the services...thats a perfect title for your career...Brief!

    Dress?....pair of thongs, flip flops and a chav hood should do the trick :lol: Good luck youngster!
  4. a PAIR of thongs!?
  5. A suit ? If so i'd have to go and buy one!
  6. yeah a suit, ironed shirt, shiny shoes, make sure you shave, have a haircut if needed, no long sideburns.

    first impressions count, especially with the recruitment officer.
  7. Yes a suit. (No reason why you cant wear a thong underneath though 8) )You're going to need one at some point. Matalan... Or better still, ASDA, £25. Bargain at twice the price!

    Have a butchers here too.


    Edited to add, P.S have some "none bone," questions prepared to ask the recruiter at the end... they like that sort of thing apparently!