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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jimmi1, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. hi got my interview on Tuesday and he said to know my job briefs can you tell me what parts i will need i already know about training
    link to brief
    i think this might be slightly out of date
    cheers :D
  2. Ok first thing is that job brief is bolloxs as far as I can remember, are you going infantry or PARAs which are both done at ITC Catterick and not aTR Lichfield as stated. You should of been given a job description already for the three jobs you chose when you went in for your job brief and shown by your recruiter all the main points ready for your recruiters interview.

    are you at the Recruiters interview stage, if so where are the job briefs you were given ?

    Ok normally what you need to know is a bit about the history of the Regt/corp your going into, what he job entails. Then where your going to, how long you'll be there and what you will do for each of your three choices. eg ITC Catterick for 24 weeks first of all completing CMSR with things such as footdrill, weapon drill, first aid, map reading, physical fitness, assault courses etc. Then onto infantry skills such as section attacks, patrolling etc followed by your PARA phase. (not got the job brief in front of me so read off the one given by the recruiter)

    REMEMBER the more you can talk confidently about all three of your job choices the less questions he will ask you.
  3. Maybey he would like you to read alittle about your chosen reg's history and ethos ect..
    Might aswell read as much as you can about the paras anyway, if thats what you want to be.
  4. Hi Iron im going for paras,i am at the recruiters interview stage after completing the barb test i was given a hand full of job briefs including paras (seem to be out dated) i have not been into the afco my recruiter just phoned me this morning and said i will be asking you about training and personal life.The only reason i ask is because i hear all the time make sure you know your job briefs inside out.
  5. thanks for the replys one more question i only have one job chocie is that ok
  6. Its ok if your Ard as nut & smart as a honey badger.. :wink:
  7. Shut of civvy CNUT :x .

    Ok regarding one job, WHY is that all you can do with your BARB score?

    If you have got PARA down as your job choice I would reccomend you also put Infantry down aswell, that way if you dont make the 9.40 run time then you have other options. The reaon you pick three job preferences is just incase you dont make the standard in the medical, fitness etc at aDSC for one you could make it for another choice and dont get deferred or rejected and have to go back to ADSC again. Yor recruiter will more than likely advise you on this at the interview, Remember though be confident and know what your talking about....good luck.
  8. The paras is the only regiment i have ever wanted to join i dont plan on failing but if i dont pass at adsc will i be able to try for paras again at a later date.
  9. Your in the forces. I am not. You are the king. I am a pice of crap. Must be all that dicipline festering away at your inards that makes u ppl so bitter.
  10. I think you'll find it's nothing to do with the forces, it's just pure and simple that your a fu*king moron.

    Back on thread, as Iron say's you really do need to pick three job choices, as I've seen a few guys with just paras down on their application and when you've just made it to your final interview after passing everything except for the run which you came in 10 secs too slow (for paras) you'll be kicking yourself. Then your stuck trying to decide if you should sack it and come back in a couple of months time to retry the whole 2 days or pick anther job that you can do off the cuff and hope the officer interviewing wont ask you any questions about the rgt your going to or you'll look like a div and won't get the job anyway!

    A guy on my course last year did just that, but luckily the cpl whispered that he'd failed the run for the paras (about 15 secs to slow on the run) just before his interview. He ended up going into REME because someone suggested it and he's regretting not have chosen an infantry rgt as a backup now!
  11. Is it possible to just list three infantry regiments?
  12. No point in that as you are just trying to pass as infantry so only need to go for one unless you want PARA which is different run timings. In that case go for .
    1. PARA
    2. Infantry
    I would still put in a third choice though even if its RLC driver ect just incase they dont think your robust enough for infantry at selection. This is all individually dealt with by your recruiter on the job briefs prior to interviews and ADSC. You can go with one choice but its beneficial to have three to cover incase you fail some on physical/PULHEEMs for your first choice.
  13. i think i am just going to stick with my one choice because its a big decision joining the army and want to make sure i get the regiment i want because i will hopefully be spending the next 22 years in it.
  14. Pal, your recruiter will urge you to make 3 choices... in your case, from what I gather:

    1. Parachute Regiment
    2. Infantry of the Line
    3. A trade perhaps? Artillery? ...

    You'll get choice 1 or 2, if you apply yourself...
  15. if i only want the parachute regiment and say i fail adsc because of run time can i not just work on my fitness and then try again or will my recruiter not send me to adsc until i make 3 choices. I know its narrow minded but its always been paras or nothing for me.