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Apologise if anyone has seen this but it was sent in to the office and it needs a wider audience.....

Good for a laugh, website very funny.






Dear Sirs,

This is with a lot of interest that I send you my resume in order to offer my services in the security field.

I have received a strong vocational training in the French army, acquired exellent knowledges as a bodyguard, and worked as an Agent of Closed Protection, as well as a special security driver.

My experience as a man with practical experience acquired into the 3 rd R.P.I.Ma (Marine airborn infantry’s Regiment) my good physical condition due to me healthy way of living (Professional boxer: discipline and rigour) and my qualities as a man of action; make me think that I have all the necessary qualities you are expecting for this position.

In case of integrating your team, would give me the opportunity to show you the extent of my abilities. I really would like to obtain an appointment in order to discuss and explain the reasons of my application.

I am sure that we could have mutval benefits in a closed-work collaboration and I will be delighted to explain my professional objectives.

You can have a look to my website: Http://

Thank you for the full attention given to my application and be sure that I am looking forward to meeting you.

Yours faithfully
I loved this bit...

Remain operational, qualified for driving cars, boats and able to book flights...
Clever fcuker.

His web site doesn't half blather on, I bet he's a great laugh at parties. :roll:
Craftiness is a weapon

see what I made out this stick and some green string...?
The code of the warrior, intoxication of the battle, he has chosen the honour, he has chosen the myth.
He even did a stint in the black and white minstrel show ....

he is a knob,

but quite entertaining.

could hire him as a kiddies entertainer.

then again, perhaps not!


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