Job Agency Emails.....

Just been sent this email from a recruiting agency....... the fact I have no marine engineering experience or a degree seems to have passed them by....

A vacancy has arisen for a Project Manager to manage the build of units for the carrier project. This is a key post where the post-holder will report direct to the Shipbuilding Director.

Key responsibilities include the following:-

Main Tasks

§ Maintaining close links with the client management team to identify and mitigate risks and maximise profit opportunities.

§ Setting production performance targets and project team objectives to ensure that overall project targets are achieved.

§ Ensuring that sufficient control mechanisms and performance indicators are in place to measure performance and highlight variances throughout the execution of the contract. Monitoring production performance through the project control mechanisms and proactively intervening to correct deviations from the planned time, cost and quality.

§ Organising, co-ordinating, and controlling the project team, through the SPSE, to maximise the teams effectiveness in meeting the project objectives. Furthering the development of individual members of the project team to enhance their current effectiveness and maximise their future potential.

§ Identifying and managing the project risks to minimise the effects on project performance. The project manager will negotiate a risk contingency with the Executive during the project target setting meeting. The Project Manager will be expected to manage the project to a successful conclusion, utilising the risk contingency only where absolutely necessary.

§ Leading or be a prominent member of the bid team, ensuring that all plans and documentation required to support the bid contain sufficient detail to minimise project risks, are accurate in content and produced in a timely manner.

§ Managing and amending the refit specification to include changes resulting from emergent and additional work packages, with due consideration of any increased risk to the project objectives. Approving all changes to the project for Labour, Materials and Subcontract.

§ Reviewing project monitoring/control documentation analysing trends and forecasting project outturns. The Project Manager will create reports and forecasts for the Executive throughout the execution phase of the project to provide visibility of project issues/performance within the company's accounts.

§ Develop key project staff to be able to fulfil the role of Project Manager in the future.

Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience

§ Engineering Degree in a relevant subject or equivalent
§ Minimum 10 years experience with Marine Projects in project/production roles at Senior Level
§ Able to lead a team with confidence and present to customers and at board level
§ Financially astute with an analytical approach

This is a 3 month contract, £250-280 / day


Kit Reviewer
You'd make a perfect MOD contractor then.

Did I just say that? Surely not. PFIs and PPPs are wonderfully worthwhile and benefitial systems that fill our country with joy.
Bravo2nothing said:
£250 a day?! Wouldn't get out of bed for that!

They're being a little demanding for that sort of money.
I am guessing that's why the post is vacant.
You are lucky if you can understand the jargon used in modern job descriptions. I saw one a couple of years ago regarding the job I was doing at the time. It really did sound impressive but nearly all of it was hardly every day stuff. I recently saw a job advertised as Civil Enforcement Officer. Visions of serving summonses etc appeared. It turned out to be a Parking attendant's position.

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