Job adverts....Kiwi style...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wet_blobby, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. This job

    Weed Spraying and Wilding tree control - Trade Me Jobs - New Zealand

    is currently being advertised in the papers and online down here. I dont think the PC brigade has reached this far south yet... :)


    GroundSpray are looking to hire staff for the coming Spring/Summer season controlling terrestrial weeds in DOC estates, Crown Lands & private farms. Based in Gore we cover an area from Tekapo to Bluff
    We require personnel with “can do” attitudes that will work in harsh, steep and inhospitable conditions
    You will be
    • Very Fit
    • Have a full driver’s license.
    • Have a passion for conservation and the outdoors
    • Be a NON SMOKER-
    • Be prepared to work weekends (happily)
    • Be prepared to work long hours (12+ a day)
    • Be prepared to work away from home Mon-Fri
    • Be prepared to sleep in huts, tents, woolsheds, under trees etc.
    • Able to wash, use deodorant and keep your personal hygiene to an acceptable level, This may mean washing/showering in cold water.
    This Job is not for wimpy, feint hearted, soft, “run to mummy” halfwits with pants halfway down their bottoms! We only want staff that will do as they are told by their supervisors, follow company rules and can put up with being wet, hot, cold, exhausted, hungry and thirsty, you also need to be able to sit in a van for three hours and not complain to us. (We don’t listen & we don’t care)
    You need to be of a stature that you can walk around hills and bluffs, and climb in and out of small helicopters without terrifying the pilot.
    If this sounds like you, then you’re probably completely mad and we would love to have you
    Please phone one the below phone number to arrange an interview. NO TEXTS.
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  2. What's the pay like?
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  3. Hire me, Hire me
  4. I'll do it. For £50,000 per year.
  5. We should ship our whining jobless over there for a few months.....It would do them good!!
  6. The Kiwis are definitely unique.
  7. My mum said I should apply.
  8. Me, that job has my name all over it.
  9. There's very little in that ad that you couldn't realistically put in a similar ad in the UK, although the "wash in cold water" bit would probably attract attention.