Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Poppy, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. "Our Intelligence Analysts help collect and process raw information, develop new sources and then piece it all together and make recommendations. Right at the very heart of the work, they develop specific expertise (how to manage a complex collection system, for example, or of a particular geographic area) and deal with requests from customers, mostly government and military. Using your skills and initiative to analyse the situation you will work in teams engaged in a range of roles. The common theme is an inquiring mind thinking critically about the chaleenges being tackled. Your focus could be on the management of our complex collection and processinh sustems or extracting potential intelligence from the spectrum of modern communications. You shoud posess sharp analytical skills and problem solving abilities with a keen interest in international current affairs also desirable. Report writing skills and a willingnmess to learn, use and work with a range of IT applications is also necessary"

    this doesn't make me rush to apply......... :roll: have I missed any other spelling mistakes?
  2. Is this Int Corps or Police?
  3. Where was this advertised then? Any link?
  4. Ah, simple mistake to make. This is the Int Corps forum, you're obviously looking the Outside the wire forum.
  5. POSESSanalytical skills.......indeed :( Aside from the grammatical blunders, the syntax is wordy, clumsy, bloated, and smacks of someone desperately trying to justify both their job, and the job being advertised.

    It must, therefore, be an application for a position within the police. Probably my force. :oops:
  6. Just checked it out and left them some very constructive feedback!!! Civil Servants are awful. I know I have to deal with them every day.
  7. Ha ha ha, I've just bothered my arrse to read the linky. Careers in intelligence. We're all DOOOOOOMED!
  8. presumably those IT applications would include spell checker :D
  9. 'posess' (as noted by Marco_Polaroid) should be 'possess'.

    Good grief. Don't these people ever read anything that they write?

    It's easy for me to talk, because I write for a living. However, I've learned not to trust spelling checkers and grammar checkers and I always print off a document for proofing before I send it to someone. (I've also learned not to trust the document on the PC monitor!)

    Oh dear. It's a sign of the times, I suppose. I'm off for a glass or three, before the 'outrage/rant' circuits kick in....
  10. My bold on shoud, an easy one too.
  11. i apllied an got a intevue next wiik. Hupfull that i can do enuff 2 get thru!
  12. £25K, wouldn't even get out of bed for that!
  13. Which begs the obvious question. :wink:
  14. Ok, £25,001!