Joanna Lumley turns up in support of Gurkas


I was a tad skeptical of this at first but it seems her father served alongisde the Gurkas, which is why she is now supporting them. I usually don't like celebs showing up at things like this but at least it is getting it some press.

I hope the court sees sense and allows them to stay, they have fought for that right and we may not have been as successful without them.
No.9 said:
I think Lumley should get a mention - I'd certainly be delighted to give her one. 8O :D Who wouldn't?,ruined many a sheet over her sultry tones in the 70's and she's still fit as a butchers dog.IMHO. :lol:

Mr_Deputy said:
Wasn't Joanna Lumley an Officer serving with the Gurkhas? No?
No, I don't think she was. :)
hedgehog64 - "whooops mong post, sorry niner. :oops: "

No worries mate, as long as I'm first in the line I don't mind how long it is :wink: , providing you don't mind a long wait of course 8)

I hope that British justice and common sense prevails. At least civpop are well and truly in support of the Gurkhas.

Joanna Lumley has never made a secret of her 'Pad Brat' origins, and has always identified with the military. Sometime in the '70's she was 'Miss Royal Hampshire'. A lovely lady, Purdey or otherwise!
And her Brother was tortured and imprisoned by the japs in Burma


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I wonder whether Sir Michael Jackson will mention this campaign. He has a programme on R4 this afternoon in praise of his hero, Slim.
Biscuits_AB said:
Mr_Deputy said:
Wasn't Joanna Lumley an Officer serving with the Gurkhas? No?
Her Dad was a Chindit with Wingate.
And was 2IC of the same Gurkha Bn in which Mr Pun won the VC at Mogaung during the Second Chindit Expedition. There is the famous "ally" photograph during the Mogaung operation showing the Bde Comd (Calvert, carrying rifle with fixed bayonet) the CO, and Maj Lumley. Another offr in the same Bn, Capt Michael Allmand, was awarded a posthumous VC for the same battle.


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Joanna Lumley has a history of backing excellent causes. She is a fine, honourable filly and her heart and mind are in the right place (shame her naked body isn't at mine).

It doesn't surprise me in the least that she's stepping up on this issue.

Well done!


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Another outrage and appaling stance by the British Government over loyalty to serving members of the British Army.

Regardless of who is heading this one up, this needs the full support of Arrser's.

45,000 killed whilst serving for HMG

12 VC'S
Great to see all those former Ghurka officers standing up to be counted in support of their former soldiers.

Oh, wait...
This present disgracefull government seems hell bent on letting all kinds of immigration,except for those who have served our country honourably,and with great distinction.I'm incandescent with rage,over this.

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