Joanna Lumley - Pride of Britain Awards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Miss Lumley has just been on ITV, Pride of Britain Awards.
    We all know the score and the story, but Ms. Lumley was just presented with her award by the Ghurkas, themselves.

    "She was handed the prize for "Most inspiring public figure" by Gurkha Tul Bahadur Pun, 86.

    The Victoria Cross winner saved the life of Lumley's father James in 1944 - two years before his daughter was born". Daily Mirror.

    Definitely dusty moment. Apologies if it's been mentioned already.
    Anyone see this?

  2. Very well deserved, and awared by some great people
  3. Seconded. :)
  4. I cried like a hooer. I have no qualms in saying that.

    I'm even forgoing Criminal Justice so I can see Maj Packer tip up on the rickshaw. At no stage am I going to have a right good letch at Ben Fogle though. Not me. No siree.

    We apparently passed them on the A1 on Sunday, but SOMEONE forgot to wake me up. He'll never walk again I tell you.
  5. Seconded, great to see JL & the team get their richly deserved award. A very humbling speech by JL. Great to see Mr Pun, VC and our brave Gurkhali soldiers get the rich publicity they deserve.
  6. Well deserves, a good cause.

    Served with the ghurkas in HK, some good men. I still have Khukri's presented to me in my display case.

    If they contribute to this country then they should be given the respect, support and benefits they deserve.

    Ghurkas are more than welcome in my book. They gave me and my men a hot brew at the end of a long tab, the best drink I'd had in ages!!!

    Come to Birmingham and you will see the largest concentration of benefit scroungers who managed to get into the country by one means or other who have never and will never do anything for the country they bleed dry.