Joanna Lumley in Nepal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. India hasn't missed the significance of Lumley's campaign 'against' their former colonial master's 'injustices'; the imagery of Lums surrounded by Ghurka vets in humbled circumstances will tighten the screw more than a little. Suspect she'll be received more like the Queen of Sheba than a 'celeb' gilding their 'charidy status'. Whatever the opposite of vacuous is, Ms Lumliness fulfils that description!
  2. I was in Nepal earlier this year and a mere mortal like me was being worshipped like a great white god , kind of like Kurtz in Apocalypse Now so goodness knows what sort of reception Ms Lumley will get 8)
  3. Quote from the Times of India 'GAESO said Lumley would raise the cases she sees in Nepal when she returns home on August 1 so that the conscience of the British government is stirred'.

    Surely that can't be right, the British government doesn't have a conscience. :roll:
  4. Good coverage from the BBC. A great welcome for Joanna. I wonder if AbFab videos will become a sought after item in Nepal?!
  5. Highly unlikely since few people have a television set and the electricity is only on for about six hours a day if you're lucky 8O
  6. An impromptu showing of Purdey in action at the open-air-cinema and there'll be riots!
  7. Amazing how many scarves you squeeze onto Peter Carroll
  8. nice change from Bono etc
  9. Lets hope she can prevent Madonna or Angelina Jolie from flying in and snatching a few Nepalese children!
  10. Ach, video now linked: bugger these germaniums give off some pollen...
  11. always had time for Ms Lumley since her Purdey days and when she stripped off on children in need admittedly due to the party in my pants ... but respect so due now especially after she bitch slapped that slimy woolas.

  12. Not to mention Gary Glitter