Joanna Lumley and the Ghurkas on Guardian CiF posts needed!

mnairb said:
What do you mean? All the comments that I read were supportive.

It's only just been posted, give it time...... also what is the best way to get arrsers to look at something? :wink:


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What vile sorts are having a go? All I see are supportive comments.
From what i read it's the bloody government thats doing it and not the guardian.The Gurkas have earned the right to stay in the UK.Here in the US as far as i know,non US citizens serving in the US military upon discharge can apply for citizenship and most do.So why cant the UK do the same.?


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Indeed I have armchair. Have you??
This is quite suprising, its reasonable to expect that the Gurdian readers might find something to object about, hence the reason I think AJ put the link up but isn't it encouraging that all the comments have been 100% supportive. is this a sign of the times maybe


Seems we are quite happy to let work shy scum into the country put them up in mansions at tax payers expense whilst they sign on but people who deserve help and have earned it are left out to dry.

a sad state of affairs this country morales have becoem