Joan Rivers on Parkinson...

If you didn't catch Parkinson on TV this Saturday, quotes from Joan Rivers (must be 70-odd, face like a burst balloon stretched over a GPMG cupola mounted on a 4 tonner).

"Sophia Loren has had so many facelifts she sh1ts through her ears"

"The fires in Miami were started by old people having sex, no lubrication, its like starting a fire with sticks"

maybe you had to be there.............
She was described by gay norton at the baftas as the queen of comedy - she was a vile, foul mouthed, piece of American shite as far as I was concerened - not funny at all - pig ugly to boot
I certainly wouldnt crawl over 3 miles of broken glass to stick matchsticks in her shite, however a double bagger in the dark with my ski goggles on .....yes.
SparkySteve said:
This was a lot funnier when i read the title as "Joan Rivers has Parkinsons" :)
She doesn't have Parkinsons but she does have a dimple on her chin. It was her belly button before the face lifts started.

If you spot her showing some unwanted facial hair then rest assured - it aint facial hair!

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