Joan Rivers on Parkinson...

If you didn't catch Parkinson on TV this Saturday, quotes from Joan Rivers (must be 70-odd, face like a burst balloon stretched over a GPMG cupola mounted on a 4 tonner).

"Sophia Loren has had so many facelifts she sh1ts through her ears"

"The fires in Miami were started by old people having sex, no lubrication, its like starting a fire with sticks"

maybe you had to be there.............
She was described by gay norton at the baftas as the queen of comedy - she was a vile, foul mouthed, piece of American shite as far as I was concerened - not funny at all - pig ugly to boot
No arguments with the Ugly comments Chimp503, she looks like she been dead for 10 yrs already.
Chaps, all that apart would you?


Book Reviewer
Oh god yes. Nothing like rubbing two sticks against Mr Biped Junior to bake my cookies.
I certainly wouldnt crawl over 3 miles of broken glass to stick matchsticks in her shite, however a double bagger in the dark with my ski goggles on .....yes.
SparkySteve said:
This was a lot funnier when i read the title as "Joan Rivers has Parkinsons" :)
She doesn't have Parkinsons but she does have a dimple on her chin. It was her belly button before the face lifts started.

If you spot her showing some unwanted facial hair then rest assured - it aint facial hair!

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