Jo Yeates latest!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Am I the only one who is finding the police handling of this absolutely brilliant?

    First of all they are in search of a Pizza, followed by a light coloured 4x4 (very specific there!) and now they wish to locate a sock.

    BBC News - Jo Yeates' body missing a sock when found, say police

    I'm going to go ahead and claim it was in fact the sock which was seen driving the 4x4 after consuming the pizza.
  2. A missing sock?Well he had to wipe his cock somewhere,and now is the proud owner of a trophy wank sock.
  3. I found a solitary sock in my washing machine this morning.Should I tell the rozzers?
  4. This criminal is clearly much smarter than the rozzers. First he makes it look like the landlord did it, then by carefully adding one of his own socks to the crime scene, he has the plods running around Bristol looking for another that might fit Jo's foot in a Cinderella like fashion. Of course the twist is, that as it was his sock in the first place, the cops will not find her DNA on it so will discount it as evidence and set him free with no stain on his character (unlike his sock).
  5. Can anyone remind me just how many plod are sitting in their serried ranks, waiting to pounce on the phone as soon as it rings?
  6. "Sitting in their serried ranks" Greggs/McDonalds surely?
  7. Old Grissom would have had this solved within the hour.
  8. Christopher Jefferies taught me O Level English. His hair hasn't changed a bit in nearly 40 years.

    My geography teacher used to test how sharp your pencil was by jabbing your leg, if you screamed and it drew blood it was OK. Perhaps they need to exhume his body incase he is missing said sock.

    That said chemistry 3RemA always wore odd socks
  9. Stand by for the usual Plod apologists.
  10. Bob Eck ( maths) looked like Grissom. Mind you we couldn't have carried Grissom's hummer up the house steps and left it in the hall for summer Hols unlike a baby Fiat

    Strike Dakyn the devil is in the Hemp
  11. My money is on the Pizza! When she tried to cook it, the pizza fought back, the sock is an innocent bystander who got caught up in it!
  12. Dr Oetker, in the kitchen with the pizza!
  13. I could murder a pizza...
  14. So, let me get this right! The police are looking for a sweaty sock who is eating pizza whilst driving his 4x4. Small hint for them ---------TRY SCOTLAND. ;-)
  15. Only if the pizza is deep fried.