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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chef, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. I've just been watching Jo Brand on QI and aside from finding her totally unfunny which has been the case ever since her rib tickling routine,

    "I'm fat because I eat lots of cakes"


    "Cakes love me because I'm fat"

    But my main query is why, after NINETEEN YEARS is it still the only point of reference for rich alternative comedans Thatcher?

    At the time of this post Mrs J is over 49 and should know better.

    Mrs Chef has just looked over my shoulder and noticed I'm ranting. :oops:
  2. Have to agree. Dull as whatever, one of those comedians who think that saying a lot of swear/sex words is an excuse for actually rattling of a joke is what it is all about. Guaranteed to make me hit the off button when I see her mug on the box.
  3. Yep. She is really dregging the lowest of the low in an attempt to get a laught, embarrassing. After 30 odd ( very odd) years in the Army I've heard some ripe humour but she seems to have lost the plot completely. Watched about 3 minutes of her last TV routine and turned off. Not funny.

    As for being "offended" by Thatchers "golly" comment well, hello Pot, this is Kettle, over.
  4. Must admit, the News Quiz on R4 now just appears to be a collection of old Trots (Jeremy Hardy? Has he ever been funny? And Sandi Toksvig laughing sychophantically all over it? Arse!) slagging off Thatcher and anyone else right of Lenin at any given opportunity.

    Rapidly turning into Must Not Listen radio I fear!
  5. She is a former pyschiatric nurse - her audiences reflect this.
  6. shes about as funny as toothache
  7. For someone who gets all upset when she hears the word 'golliwog', she's not very reticent about taking the pish out of people with no hands.

    "Dear BBC, as a disabled black lesbian with only one hand, and a productive member of the one-handed community, I was outraged to hear, on QI last night..."
  8. Without going off too thread much,how the fcuk can she get upset about Carol Thatcher using the word golliwog, when she is under investigation herself for a BNP joke(that wasn't even funny)
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I am outraged on behalf of toothache

    I had toothache once and I can assure you whilst not the most pleasent feeling it wasn't as bad as brand
  10. Cant stand the b1tch myself, she's never been funny and is a waste of the TV licence. She's a bawhair off Jane Goody on my Xmas card list.

  11. I like her....not in that way, she amuses me thoroughly...oh go on, you know you would if noone found out!
  12. It's funny that no one has mentioned she is a fat, ugly, unfunny cnut.

    And I would need a bottle of 18 year old malt and another bottle of Viagra to even attempt to bone Toksvig.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Just one bottle of malt,I fcukin admire you ! :)
  15. Joe Brand routine Is .I'm fat and all men are crap .She also hates squaddies .And if you dont find her funny your some sort of bigot .I always have an urge to hit her with a shovel.Wouldn't want to bury her though far to lazy.